Important Tip to Make More Money Online

Your website copy is the BIGGEST force you have to turn visitors into sales. So it’s well worth the time needed to create a compelling headline, establish your credibility, present your offer, and nail down all your salescopy essentials. But after doing all that work, many people overlook one simple, but powerful technique that can make or break a sale at the last critical moment:

Ask for the order! Ask for the order! And then ask for the order again!

This “squeaky wheel” of salescopy is also called a ‘call to action’… and adding one to your existing sales pages (or email promotions or PPC ads or opt-in offers), can have a HUGE affect on your conversions. In fact, marketing gurus have proven time and time again that you will increase your sales by at least 80% simply by asking for the order.

There are a number of ways to ask for the order… and if you’ve been following our proven salescopy formula, then you’ve already accomplished some of them. Transferring ownership is part of it. Creating urgency is part of it.

But at the very end of your salescopy, it is extremely important that you flat-out ASK your potential customers to buy from you, and tell them how.

Here are a few examples of simple, but direct, ways of asking for the order:

•”Just click HERE to order NOW – Risk-free!”
•”To order your copy today, along with your 5 FREE bonuses, click here now!”
•”Click here now to take advantage of this limited time offer!”

In the moment of the “hard sell,” you will want to restate the strongest benefits and main selling points of your product or service. Then clearly direct your reader to your order form.

Without this direct approach to asking your customers for the order… they won’t be given that final nudge they need to pull out their credit card and start purchasing!

So speak up! Ask for the order… and watch your conversions multiply!

Charlie Ritchie is one of the internet marketing experts at The Internet Marketing Center (IMC) . Since 1996, The Internet Marketing Center has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to successfully start an online business. See for more information on how to make money online.

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